Listen to Moroccan reggae from an obscure old cassette by Bob Fadoul


This is another one of those worlds colliding obscure old fusions that you could never have conceived of ever existing.

This from the label, Habibi Funk:

“New Fadoul: When musicians become older quite out completely new musical directions (الترجمة العربية أسفله). Fadoul is no exception to this so in his 40s he became interested in early hip hop, dub and reggae. he recorded an album with 10 tracks playing around with some instrumental works he had found and yet created another unique record. THIS GUY IS A LEGEND! Shout out to Mehdi for selling us the only known copy of this tape. Reissue coming later this year.”

Fadoul was considered Morocco’s answer to James Brown, even covering ‘Papa’s Got A Grand New Bag,’ singing in Arabic and backed by a raw three piece band. Habibi Funk has already issued some of his music last year, AL ZMAN SAIB which you can find here. Yet this music, influenced by reggae and early hip hop that he was making in the 1980’s is really something special.

You can find Habibi Funk here.


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