Listen to Jenny Hval’s second single from her forthcoming album Blood Bitch


Norwegian artist Jenny Hval has a new album Blood Bitch, co-produced with noise producer Lasse Marhaug, due for release September 30th via Sacred Bones/Rocket. After the release of debut single, ‘Female Vampire,’ she has shared ‘Conceptual Romance,’ the album’s second single and perhaps one of the most accessible songs Hval has ever created. Have a listen it’s pretty incredible.

We’re big fans of her truly unique approach to songwriting at Cyclic Defrost.

Here’s an interview we did with Jenny last year.

Speaking about the upcoming album, Jenny Hval said:

“Blood Bitch is an investigation of blood. Blood that is shed naturally. The white and red toilet roll chain which ties together the virgins, the whores, the mothers, the witches, the dreamers, and the lovers. So this is my most fictional and most personal album. It’s also the first album where I’ve started reconnecting with the goth and metal scene I started out playing in many years ago, by remembering the drony qualities of Norwegian Black Metal. It’s an album of vampires, lunar cycles, sticky choruses, and the smell of warm leaves and winter.”

You can find more information here.


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