Rare Synthi-100 performance in Melbourne in April


Melbourne Conservatorium of Music’s emeritus tonmeister Les Craythorn will join performance staff for a first ever live Synthi-100 concert experience, including a reconstruction of ground-breaking music by Percy Grainger, which has been immortalised in the beautifully carved walls of the Salon.

The Synthi-100 is best known for the ethereal sounds behind the Doctor Who theme music and was delivered to the university from London in March 1973. The Synthi-100 is one of only 30 made in the world and following recent restoration by Les Craythorn, is one of just three that have been restored to original working condition. The Synthi-100 became the centerpiece of the Conservatorium’s electronic music studio and was used to create Electronic Music, a vinyl LP released by the university in 1975, which was edited by Les Craythorn. The record includes ground-breaking work by Peter Tahourdin, Three Mobiles, featuring ocean-like wave noises, rapid-fire beeps and UFO sounds.

The performance is on Saturday 23 April 2016 4pm & 6pm at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

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