Listen to The Hot 8 Brass Band cover “Pappa was a Rolling Stone.”


New material from the Hot 8 Brass Band, this time their cover of “Pappa Was a Rolling Stone,” a song best known from Motown act The Temptations, is a little more vocal heavy than some of their previous outings, but guess what, it still swings…

This from their press release:

“New Orleans’ Hot 8 Brass Band toast their 20th Anniversary in typical roof-raising style, announcing a series of releases and live dates to celebrate this significant and incredibly hard-won milestone. Kicking off proceedings on 9th October, with the first new recorded music from the band since 2013, is the “Papa Was A Rolling Stone”/“We Shall Walk Through The Streets Of The City” single, two weeks ahead of the ‘Vicennial – 20 Years Of The Hot 8 Brass Band’ album. The essential LP is packed with newly re-recorded versions of classic Hot 8 material, as well as brand new tunes, and sees Hot 8 on the form of their lives.”


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