Listen to the Autechre mix of Sophie’s BIPP


Released by Glasgow label Numbers this is what they have to say about it:

“The suggestion of potential SOPHIE remixes was first floated back in 2015 when the unequivocal response was “NO remixes”. A long pause followed however “…unless it’s Autechre”. The opportunity to further this came sooner than expected when one half of the duo hit back on the initial BIPP promo, so we asked Autechre and only Autechre to consider a remix. Unfortunately the producers were wrapped up in other projects.

We persisted, and in 2018 (three years later) sent every SOPHIE stem and sysex file possible from PRODUCT (2015) hoping they might do something unexpected across all the tracks. No dice again – though in this instance Autechre’s live commitments were the stumbling block. Two years passed without anything further being discussed. Then…

Mid 2020 an email out of nowhere arrives from Autechre saying “sorry this is so late, hope it’s still of some use” – attached was a WAV of this very remix of BIPP. It’s 3 minutes 33 seconds long, stripped back and loose. Sounding like Autechre paying tribute to some serious late 80’s influences.”

SOPHIE – BIPP (Autechre Mx) is released on 28th of January 2021 you can find it here.


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