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scissors for sparrow - abstract instrumental pop music. ii - made-up-just-then instrumental duo. text and melody - yes please. hello.17 Articles

architect and self proclaimed music nerd. classical pianist and accompanist by trade, currently bassist and singer by choice. early music education (thx Mum and Dad) involved Sixties folk/protest icons, the classical canon, flamenco guitar, jazz, and Neil Diamond... ensuing musical preoccupations have included synth pop, rock, be-bop, fusion, new wave, prog jazz, electronica, dub, shoegazers, lo-fi, house in its many varieties), industrial, noise rock, ambient, electro-acoustic, minimalism, found-sounds, glitch, post-rock, metal, contemporary art music... and back to folk (thx Tunng). Actually, i hate pigeonholing music, but its the quickest way of telling others where my musical journey has been and continues on to. i tweet at @bijlarchitect and Instagram at @melkbayl12 Articles

Likes people, movies, dogs and cats. In that order.11 Articles

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