Listen to and submerge into the incredible new sounds from ‘t Geruis


Via albums on Lost Tribe Sound and LAAPS Records, Belgium based artist ‘t Geruis has demonstrated a really unique approach to sound. Utilising an evocative yet woozy at times murky and degraded sound palette, his use of loops and repetition creates a weird seductive hypnotic sound world that you can’t help but fall deeper and deeper within.

You can read our review of his Bain D’Étoiles from earlier this year here, and Slow Dance on Moss Beds, again from this year here. We spoke with him last year when we first discovered him music. You can read that interview here.

His latest album is Vast, which means fixed in Dutch, and sees him exploring the idea of how sound can affect time.

This is what he has to say about it:

“It is especially that element of fixedness that appeals to me. Take for example a painting, an object, just something that causes a strong emotional reaction in you. Place this on the table in front of you and look at it for several minutes. Your sense of time may be long, in boredom, for example, or very short, in a strong sense of wonder. Several minutes may pass, you may experience multiple emotions, or even insights yourself, who knows, you may dream away. Your time bends. Or your ‘feeling time’ at least. That’s how I would like to see these pieces.”

Vast is out now via Line. You can find it here.


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