Watch the gorgeous new video for Brad E. Rose’s Annular Silhouettes


Brad E. Rose is a Tulsa based musician who records both under his own name or under aliases like North Sea, Charlatan, and numerous others. He also runs The Jewel Garden label and is a founder of the Foxy Digitalis music site. The music on Annular Silhouettes is gentle drifting, gorgeously aimless, yet somehow nostalgic, and the clip is just stunning, playing with multiple perspectives.

This is what they have to say about it:

“With Annular Silhouettes, Brad E. Rose traces an undulating pathway through ideas of place, memory and intergenerational exchange. The edition is a mediation on how perspective is shaped, and reshaped, in time.”

Annular Silhouettes will be released by Room40 on the 18th of November 22. You can find it here.


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