Listen to the gentle woozy sounds of ‘Mount Analogue’ from Conrad Greenleaf


Sydney based artist Conrad Greenleaf (Conrad Richters of Richard In Your Mind, stressless) has a new ambient solo album coming out in early September via Broken Stone Records/Remote Control and this is an edit of the first single, ‘Mount Analogue’, which features SPOD on guest vocal.

It’s quite delightful, beginning with sunny synthetic sprinkles and evolving into a gorgeous kind a shimmering hazy trip hop. The album meanwhile is gentle and introspective, with sparse reverberating guitar notes interacting with warm bubbling synth. It’s nothing short of sublime.

It comes from Dreamtape, his second album of ambient leaning sounds, an analogue affair that was mostly recorded on cassette 4-track during the main COVID lockdown of 2021.

This is what he has to say about it:

“Much like with my other ambient album Shimmering Twins (which was made during a stressful time), I think I make this sort of music as therapy/to calm myself, not think about stuff too much. I made some of the album ‘on the clock at work’ which informed my decision to use my 4 track so I could do music but still have the computer free if any emails came in. I got so much in the zone that I was also working on it at night after my son would go to sleep.”

Dreamtape will be released via September via Broken Stone Records/Remote Control on the 9th of September. You can find the first single Mount Analogue here.


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