Listen to ‘January 一月’ from Taiwanese sound artist Yenting Hsu


This incredibly evocative piece comes from Yenting Hsu’s latest album Flash 須臾. If you don’t know Hsu, she is a sound artist who works with field recordings, electronic sounds and objects. ‘January 一月’ is one of the more consistent and hypnotic pieces on the album which is a continuation of her Relight+MUSIC project collaborating with zhēnzhēn Stained Glass lab. Other pieces see her working with a no input mixing board, patterned glass on turntables and minute fragments of mundane conversations. It’s pretty wild.

This is what she has to say about it:

“Flash is dedicated to the theme of ‘time’. Sound, music and glass exist as art forms of time. In this album, sound materials are from samples of glass sounds, accompanied with field recordings, electronic sounds and voices. I use various approaches to imagine and depict the concept of time and different time frames.”

Flash 須臾 is out now via Ash International. You can find it here.


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