Watch ‘A Memory, Blown Out’ the evocative new clip from Madeleine Cocolas


This clip comes from Australian artist Madeleine Cocolas’ forthcoming album Spectral. Her unique alchemical blend of post classical and ambient music is really something quite special. We were quite taken with her third album, Ithaca (you can read the review here), which we found to be highly immersive yet quite still and delicate. At the time we asked her to do a Cyclic Selects for us and were quite excited to see Enya and Arvo Pärt in there – you can read that here.

Her forthcoming album Spectral stems from recordings she made with her phone from her immediate surroundings, however she has transformed them into something totally new and totally unique. Her compositions are endlessly fascinating, highly experimental, deeply calming, and at times transcendent.

This is what Madeleine has to say about it:
At its core, Spectral is about deep stillness, observation and perception underpinned by emotional expression. It is a subtle shift in memory, a recolouring of the world we think we know and a willingness to lean into that possibility.”

Spectral will be released via Room40 on the 15th of July. You can find it here.


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