Watch a special screening of Hassan Wargui and friends from Southern Morocco


On the 23rd of March Hive Mind Records are streaming a film, via bandcamp of Hassan Wargui performing live in Issafen in Southern Morocco. If you don’t know Wargui, he plays the banjo, his music a descended from the Berber tribes in the region. It sounds incredible. Hive Mind released the gorgeous Tiddukla last year, which was originally recorded in 2015 and released via youtube. All proceeds from the streaming go directly to Hassan, which we would imagine is quite welcome due lack of musical infrastructure in Morocco and the effects of the COVID pandemic.

This is what Hive Mind have to say about it:

“Hive Mind Records are proud to bring you this 35 minute film recording of Hassan Wargui and his friends playing live in the Anti Atlas mountains around Issafen in Southern Morocco. The recordings were made around Issafen in the spring and summer of 2021…In this film you’ll see Hassan and his friends performing songs written by Hassan himself.”

The group on these occasions were:

Banjo : Hassan Wargui
Sentir : Omar Baloul
Tamtam : Omar Choukri
Bendir 1 : Driss Baloul
Bendir 2 : Mhamed Salah Eddine Hassan

Camara : Omar Abillat

Cost is £3 GBP or more and in Australia thee stream begins March 24, 2022 7:00 AM GMT+11 and will replay for 48 hours.

You can find the link here.


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