Listen to the premiere of ‘Hymn For Sentimental Programmers’ from German electronic duo Sankt Otten


German duo Sankt Otten, founded in 1999, have been releasing music on the Denovali label since 2009. They’re about to drop their 12th album, Symmetrie und Wahnsinn in March, and this endearing Kraut pop gem ‘Hymen der melancholischen Programmierer’ (Hymn For Sentimental Programmers) is our first taste of it.

Denovali describe their sound as ‘timeless instrumental music,’ and there’s no doubt there’s almost something anthemic about their elongated sequences. There is a real warmth to their prog pop electronics. Whilst they wear their 80’s Synth Pop, Krautrock and Post Rock influences on their sleeves, they’ve put these sounds through an optimistic 2022 sensibility, creating something both wide eyed and beautiful.

This is what Denovali have to say about it:
“The holy trinity of Krautrock, Ambient and contemporary Electronics, but always stylistically confident and unmistakable Sankt Otten.”

Symmetrie und Wahnsinn will be released by Denovali on the 25th March 2022.


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