Listen to ‘LADDE’ from Bogdan Raczynski’s first album of new music in 15 years


It’s probably a bit calmer than you expect, particularly if you remember Bogdan Raczynski’s frantic drill and jungle chaos music on the likes of Rephlex or Warp from the late 90’s and early 2000’s. It comes from his forthcoming album ADDLE.

You can check out our review of 2019’s Rave Til You Cry here. Or his 2006 Bjork remix here.

This is what he has to say about his new work:

““Calm is great. You need to take a breather in the eye of the storm now and then. But the real growth happens in turbulence, when your feelings oscillate in and out of sync. It’s not dry land you’re after. You’re trying to build a new island while on a piddly raft. Beleaguered and weary you lay the foundation with your bare hands while the rain lashes your back; a new place for you and yours to moor yourself to until the next storm hits. ‘ADDLE’ is about that storm, its adjacent periphery, and what you look like, in and out, when you set foot. As space and time push against you, that process of adapting becomes an anchor. Among that state of being addled, out of flow, seemingly untethered, there is beauty.”

ADDLE will be released on the 18th of March 2022 via Planet Mu. You can find it here.


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