Listen to a new Lawrence English piece and support Tonga to rebuild


A massive volcanic eruption and tsunami a couple of days ago in Tonga, left behind catastrophic damage and destruction. The Tongan government says the country has been hit by an “unprecedented disaster” and communications have been severely disrupted.

Room40 honcho Lawrence English has recently uploaded a new piece to bandcamp and is donating all proceeds to relief efforts to help people rebuild their lives. At the time of writing English reports $1000 has already donated to CARE and the Red Cross.

This is what he has to say about it:

“It’s in this spirit of connectivity and solidarity that I offer ‘Oseni, which is the Tongan word for ocean. The piece is comprised entirely of field recordings of the Pacific which I have captured over the past decade and a half; in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere. All proceeds generated by this edition will be donated to a number of charities supporting relief efforts in the Kingdom Of Tonga including the Red Cross and CARE.

I send my warmest to all those folks over there, who face the enormous task of rebuilding their communities and their lives in the aftermath of this eruption.”

You can find Oseni here.


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