Watch the premiere of ‘Clot Conjugation/Force Across Lake’ from Dixon / Akers


‘Clot Conjugation/Force Across Lake’ comes from Slime Resolution, the new LP from Melbourne electronic producers Elisabeth Dixon and Alexander Akers (Forces).

It’s a work that incorporates the Melbourne’s Federation Bells which are a harmonically unique kinetic sound installation comprising 39 inverted bells located in Birrarung Marr, Melbourne. Best of all they can be controlled via midi.

As you can hear Dixon and Akers have taken the bells into a very different, more techno orientated direction, a kind’ve woozy disorientating pulsating sound that really pushes our notions of what electroacoustic can mean. It’s dark atmospheric beat ridden party music and the integration of the bells is both weird and inspired.

Slime Resolution is available now via Heavy Machinery Records. You can find it here.


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