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Maria Moles is a drummer based in Melbourne. She has worked with the likes of The Australian Art Orchestra, Anthony Pateras, Jim Denley, Speak Percussion, Jon Rose, Lucas Abela, Krakatau, Andrea Keller, Dave Brown, Jenny Barnes, Scott Tinkler, James Rushford, Ernie Althoff, and The Splinter Orchestra.

She is currently the drummer for bands/artists Jaala, Ajak Kwai, Jonnine (HTRK), Doroth, and Francis Plagne, and has previously drummed for Mildlife, Jess Ribeiro, Evelyn Morris, On Diamond, Horatio Luna, and JK Group. Her solo work draws upon ideas from the Kulintang music of the Philippines and contemporary electronic production to weave hypnotic webs from layers of unmetered pulse that slowly undergo subtle textural transformations.

This is what she has to say about it:

“The name ‘In Pan-as’ refers to my grandfather’s farm in Pilar that my mum regularly played at. The drum kit part is adapted from a rhythm I heard on a beautiful album ‘Muranao Kakolintang – Philippine Gong Music’. The initial inspiration for this track struck me after a conversation on the phone with my mum, during which, out of the blue, she requested I spread her ashes on the farm Pan-as after she passed.”

“I realised I would never really know how that would feel until it happened, and I wondered what kind of ritual I would perform to help me celebrate the life of one of the dearest people to me. I thought that perhaps dancing to rhythms similar to this one would feel right.”

For Leolanda will be released via Room40 on the 21st of January 2022.You can find it here.


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