Listen to ‘Folterkammer’ from MY DISCO’s new album


‘Folterkammer’ is the second single from Australian 3 piece MY DISCO. It’s pretty aggressive and somewhat strange, not unlike the album it comes from Alter Schwede. To begin with the translation of ‘Folterkammer’ is “Torture chamber ambience” which should give you some idea of the world they’re creating. It’s a work thats a long way away from some of the more angular work of their earlier days. Weird, dark ambient, and a little unsettling, Alter Schwede is the place where metal goes to experiment. It’s truly fascinating watching this trios trajectory. We’ve been fans of the band for a long time. You can check out our 2015 interview with them here, and our reviews of 2015’s Severe here and 2019’s Environment here.

It was compiled remotely by the band and mix engineer Boris Wilsdorf at his AndereBaustelle studio in Berlin, utilising elements and sounds from their last album, Environment, as well as continuing their interest in unique percussion, dark FM synthesis and industrial noise. ‘Folterkammer’ also features Austrian vocalist Berit Gilma.

This is what they have to say about it:

“Originally, Gilma tracked vocals over a different song entirely, but Wilsdorf, thinking outside the square, decided to experiment with one of the more harsh sounding tracks on the album. Gilma’s voice soars above the noise, theremin-esque in pitch and style, and although the sounds of the original composition and her ambient harmonies could not be more diverse, on Folterkammer, it works.”

Alter Schwede is out via Heavy Machinery Records. You can find it here.


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