Listen to ‘There Is Nothing Flawless’ from mysterious UK outift Gallowglas


The epic nature of ‘There Is Nothing Flawless’ is pretty consistent with the transcendent ecstasy of the UK outfit Gallowglas.

It’s the work of Johan G Winther alongside another core member who wishes to remain nameless at this time. Though Nicola Madill, Sofia Nystrand (Vargkvint), William Ryan Fritch, Peter Hollo (Cyclic website editor), and Simon McCorry have all contributed to this incredible record. We’ve been pretty blown away by the stately grandeur of their debut album, I dream I see you hit the water, I dream I see you change your mind.

This is what their label, Lost Tribe Sound has to say about the album:

“It’s a smouldering, crawling sort of indie that will most likely be treated like an outcast in the genre… a grandiose, experimental and bruised sort of classical that won’t be sweet enough or keep its mouth shut long enough for the neoclassical types. It’s a crude, ballad-heavy breed of outsider music that just speaks to us.”

It speaks to us too, and continues an amazing run of releases that includes Arrowounds, and t’Geruis in their Fearful Void album series.

I dream I see you hit the water, I dream I see you change your mind is out now via Lost Tribe Sound. You can find it here.


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