Listen to Ben Carey’s recordings of a modular synth in its natural environment


‘XDT’ is one of the more extended pieces from Hypertelic, a collection of abstract works from Sydney-based saxophonist, composer and technologist Ben Carey. Like the rest of the album it was created via a single take on an Eurorack modular synthesiser. It was first broadcast as an exclusive mix for ‘Faith in Strangers’ on Nomad Radio in late 2019. It’s quite a fascinating work as the electrics buble and spurt according to a logic all of their own. If anything it feels less composed than a field recording of a modular synthesizer in its natural environment.

This is what he has to say about it:

“These tracks are borne from the push and pull between simple, low-level control processes, resulting in works that foreground feedback, complex modulations and asymmetrical rhythms.”

You can find Hypertelic here.


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