Listen to ‘Wrap The Sky’ from Damiana’s debut LP


‘Wrap The Sky’ comes from the debut LP by Damiana, the Chicago based duo of Natalie Chami (aka TALsounds) and Whitney Johnson (aka Matchess). The duo use hardware synths, keyboards, loopers, and effects pedals with the final result, on ‘Wrap The Sky’ anyway falling somewhere between Dallas Acid and Lush. It’s synthy, its dreamy yet it also wigs out periodically. We’re really enjoying this one.

This is what their label has to say about it:

“The album strikes a balance between the realms of deliberate compositional sculpting and free-form improvisation, as Damiana’s evolving sessions of looping synth phrases and harmonized vocal lines emphasise austere beauty and meditation as much as spectral disorientation and instrumental complexity. While the tracks on Vines create the illusion at any given moment of a standing cloud, often colored by Johnson’s lush viola and Chami’s effect-manipulated electronics, a zoomed out perspective of each session reveals an undulating story arc with contrasting emotional resonances and constantly shifting timbral focus. Treading the line between transportive stasis and upward motion, the duo has honed their sense of when to push forward with a new texture or melodic flourish without disrupting the atmospheres that they meticulously build together.”

Vines is released via Hausu Mountain. You can find it here.


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