Listen to Alexander Garsden’s hypnotic new solo work for steel string guitar


Alexander Garsden is a composer, guitarist and electroacoustic musician, working across multiple exploratory musical disciplines. He is based in regional Victoria, near Melbourne, Australia. He has worked with the likes of Tetuzi Akiyama (Japan), Ida Duelund Hansen (Denmark), Julia Reidy, David Stackenäs (Sweden), Oren Ambarchi, Natasha Anderson, Jim Denley, Rohan Drape, Golden Fur and Grand Salvo.

His latest work Solo Guitar 1, released via Nice music comprises of extended solo pieces, demonstrating the diversity of his technique and compositional process, creating an hypnotic work that in the main eschews musicality, working with resonance, repetition, texture and a sense of space. This is what his label has to say about it:

“This recording presents three works for steel-string guitar – contrasting in style and scale, yet linked by Garsden’s fascination with acoustic phenomena, his focussed interweaving of cyclical rhythmic variations and the stamina of his distinctive fingerstyle approach.”

Solo Guitar 1 is out now via Nice Music. You can find it here.


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