Listen to a beautiful new piece from Sailcloth’s debut album


‘Small Birds By Two Tracks’ comes from Woodcut, the debut album from Sailcloth, the Pennsylvania native and upright bassist/multi-instrumentalist Alex Luquet. It’s a highly textural and quite beautiful album that focusses on pushing the upright bass into the foreground.

This is what his label Lost Tribe Sound has to say about it:

“‘Woodcut’ contains this wide-eyed sense of wonder, warming us with its nostalgic melodies and deep earthy undertones that point towards a strong commune with nature and all that breathes around us. At times, it is refreshing, joyful, undeniably playful. Further still its gritty, awkward, elusive, contemplative. Never fully pledging its allegiance to just one spectrum on the color wheel, ‘Woodcut’ evades easy classification and the stereotypical jazz-like outcomes one typically expects from the instrument.”

Woodcut is out now via Lost Tribe Sound. You can find it here.


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