Watch the dark broke beat video for “Salix Babylonica” from Bacchus Harsh


‘Salix Babylonica’ is the first single from Bacchus Harsh’s album Caveat Tumultum, which is released today via Heavy Machinery Records. It’s a pretty brutal affair with terrifying beats and haunting vocals. It’s enough to make you afraid to venture into the bush.

Bacchus Harsh is the alias of Melbourne based multi-disciplinary artist Christian Bishop. You might also know him under his breakcore name Xian. He describes his work as ‘De-territorializing exotica, occult psychedelia and industrial techno with polyrhythms and distorted blast beats, Bacchus Harsh confuses the dance floor.’

This from Bacchus Harsh:
“Salix Babylonica explores the Australian eco-monsterous. Salix Babylonica is the botanical name for the Weeping Willow. This seemingly pretty tree was planted by white settlers and have become an invasive species, colonising australian river beds since the turn of the 19th century. Willows have significantly impacted riparian areas, severely affecting rivers, streams, flora and fauna not just in Victoria but across Australia.”

Caveat Tumultum is out today via Heavy Machinery Records. You can find it here.


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