Listen to William Basinski’s disco tunes


Well William Basinski has gone disco, this track is a b-side of his latest single, titled after the mythological Studio 54 and it’s late 70’s disco sleaze, coming from an EP made up of what his label are calling ‘lounge disco bangers.’ It’s a collaboration with producer Preston Wendel (aka Shania Taint). They go under the name Sparkle Division and they released their debut album, To Feel Embraced last year – featuring, strangely enough jazz icon Henry Grimes.

Basinski is a New York based sound artist best known for his 4 Volume Disintegration Loops, however has recently put out a gorgeous ambient album out with Lawrence English, Selva Oscura and his most recent album, 2020’s Lamentations saw him return to the use of tape loops – some dating back as far as 1979. Sparkle Division sees Basinski dusting off the sax and getting down and dirty. It sounds like a lot of fun.

You can find Sparkle Division’s Classified here.


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