Watch the evocative clip for Murcof’s ‘Fire Thief’


Murcof, the primary project of producer Fernando Corona, returns to The Leaf Label for the first time in thirteen years with a collaboration with Geneva-based dance company Alias. The album features two performances ‘Contre-Mondes’, which makes up the first half of the album and ‘Normal’, which is the second part of the album.

This is what he has to say about it:
“This material is a bit more abstract than my previous works, with plenty of non-tonal sounds that sometimes take centre stage.”

We’re big fans of Corona’s work and interviewed him in 2016, you can read that here and also reviewed his collaboration Statea with Vanessa Wagner, you can read that here.

‘Fire Thief’ is taken from the The Alias Sessions which is out tomorrow via Leaf. You can fin it here.


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