Watch CCXX from Stéphane Clor’s forthcoming album


French artist Stéphane Clor plays the five-string piccolo cello and has a real interest in the resonance of spaces and the use of sound objects. His playing is quite experimental, vibratory, timbral with a heavy use of improvisation.

Clor graduated from the Académie supérieure de musique of Strasbourg in 2013 and obtained a master’s degree in art at the University of Applied Art Vienna (Universität für angewandte Kunst, Wien) in 2016. He is the artistic director of the cooperative of sonic thoughts Dreieck Interférences, and works with numerous music and art collectives based in the east of France.

CCXX comes from his forthcoming album Processions, which was recorded in July 2020 at the Chapelle Saint-Jean, Mulhouse. He plays the piccolo cello amplified on a Roland JC-50 amp and uses a freeze pedal and a delay.

Processions will be released via Strasbourg-based microlabel Les Noues on the 27th of May. You can find it here.


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