Listen to Transmogrification the dark new album from The Narcoleptor


The cheerfully named The Narcoleptor is a duo of Mary Doumany’s harp/vocals and extraordinary theremin of Miles Brown (The Night Terrors), who create this incredibly dark and unsettling avant garde chamber music. It’s a word away from Brown’s work in both the Night Terrors or even his more recent gothic electro party tunes he released. The 20 minute plus ‘Transmogrification’ is the title track of their debut two track LP and at it comes from a live performance at Melbourne’s improvisational Mecca, the Make It Up Club in February 2019. it’s weird and spooky stuff – definitely not for the faint at heart.

This is what they have to say about it:
“Classical harp virtuosa / vocalist Mary Doumany and cult thereminist Miles Brown bend minds even further with this extraordinary collection of thrilling microtonal hypnotica. These fearless musicians combine the unique sounds of their iconic instruments to create a constantly mutating musical netherworld – shifting through phases of delicate neoclassical beauty, heavy analogue abstraction, hallucinatory horror soundscapes and sonic spirals into the beyond.”

You can find Transmogrification here.


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