Listen to ‘The Way’ from Herbert’s forthcoming domestic house album Musca


This is the first single to be taken from the Herbert’s new album Musca and it’s a gentle downtempo house inflected track featuring Ghanaian-German singer Y’akoto. It was written during the first UK lockdown, it is the sound of contemplation. Matthew describes it as “a surrender to the intimacy we found ourselves face to face with on a daily basis.”

The forthcoming album Musca features eight singers, Verushka Grebenar-George, Siân Roseanna, Allie Armstrong, Bianca Rose, Melissa Uye-Parker, Daisy Godfrey, Yakoto Kieck and Joy Morgan – all of whom Matthew has never worked with before or met face to face. It also features musicians Nick Ramm, Tom Herbert, Tom Skinner, Finn Peters, Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian and Leo Taylor, who, like the singers, all self-recorded and in isolation from each other.

We’ve been fans of Herbert for quite a long time. you can check out our review of his 2017 EP with Zilla Brand New Love here, and his 2015 live performance at the Prince of Wales in Melbourne Australia here. It should probably be worth a mention that both Bodily Functions and Around The House, two of his classic albums are getting the reissue treatment.

This is what Matthew Herbert has to say about it:

“Like presumably many other albums made during the last year, Musca reflects on navigating the challenges and joys of our most intimate relationships whilst the world is in turmoil. Not just with Covid, but with the rise in state and political violence, facebook-friendly fascism, white supremacy and a climate in crisis.”

Musca will be released via Accidental Records on the 22nd October 2021. You can find it here.


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