Listen to Alaska Orchestra’s remix of Shoeb Ahmad’s #8​.​5


Last year Canberra based sound artist Shoeb Ahmad released A Body Full Of Tears, a dark introspective pop outing with distorted, at times heavily processed sounds. Ahmad has just released Realignment, a remix EP from the album, with contributions from the likes of Modus Operandi, Potential, Loraine James, Dijit, .gif, and of course Alaska Orchestra – which is the most gentle and atmospheric piece of what is a pretty noisy upbeat collection of tunes.

Working with guitar, keyboard, voice and electronics, you might know Shoeb both as a singer/composer and improviser who often performs solo or as a member of a number of groups including Agency, Spartak and formerly in Tangents. You can check out a Cyclic Selects Tangents did for us a few years ago here. You can also check out a 2014 interview with Shoeb here, and a review of their 2012 album Watch/Illuminate here.

This is what Ahmad has to say about the remixes:

“no crazy remit or anything, just thought i’d reach out to some artists who would identify as people of colour (gabber modus operandi, loraine james, dijit + .gif) that made the stereo regularly while making and mixing the album plus a couple of great oz east coast friends with femme-identities in their groups (potential + alaska orchestra), get their takes on my catharsis.”

You can find Realignment here.


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