Growing – Diptych (Silver Current)


There is something reassuring and downright satisfying about Growing’s sound. It’s drone music, long luscious soul affirming -almost new age zen, with slow guitar riffs, highlighted accents and oscillations playing out over the top.

Growing are the core duo of Kevin Doria and Joe DeNardo , who have been making this kind of transcendental experimental music since 2001, beginning in Olympia Washington before moving to Brooklyn. If you’ve ever thought music was medicine, welcome home.

In concert they play loud, taking up all the audio space with their slow moving peaceful thickness, and like their live shows there’s something all encompassing about these recordings. This is their first album for four years. Previously they’ve recorded on Vice and Kranky, though this new album is on Silver Current – also home to Comets on Fire, Wooden Shjips and Howlin Rain. They’ve toured with Boris, Sunn 0))), Black Dice and Godspeed You Black Emperor, which should give you some idea of the company they keep. This is long form experiential music – music to transcend to. It’s the loudest ambient music you will ever hear, where the drone is just a launching pad and the rest is up to you.


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