Watch the premiere of ‘Death to All Actors’ from Melbourne duo Time For Dreams


Death to All Actors is the third single from Melbourne duo Time For Dreams forthcoming album Life of the Inhabitant. With its stark electronic beat, spiky post punk guitar and desolate vocals, they describe it as a pandemic themed song about rituals, the fear of death and plagues.

Time For Dreams is Amanda Roff (The Drones/ Harmony) and Tom Carlyon (the Devastations and Standish/Carlyon), and Life of the Inhabitant is their second album, following on from the narcotic swagger of their debut In Time. (You can read our review of it here).

This is what they have to say about Life Of The Inhabitant:
“The musical scenes in my mind unfolded across the rooftops of a metropolis or in a desert, or on some other planet with half-buried electric cables glitching in the breeze, with zombie fires smouldering in the peatlands. In other words, expansive, overwhelming or limitless scenery, but viewed from a tiny window high up on the edge of the citadel. I pictured Amanda and I wrapped up in a secure bunker looking over all this in wonder and resignation.”

Life Of The Inhabitant is available via pre order from IT Records. You can find it here.

photo credit Ross Coulter


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