Listen to an exclusive stream of LTO’s eclectic new album Daear


Based in Bristol, LTO (Old Apparatus) has produced three albums. Daear sees him working with swelling synths and noise, ambiguous string instruments, thunderous percussion, unearthly voices and the piano, though it’s all mostly processed beyond recognition, creating a haunting though at times quite visceral sound. There’s something strangely familiar but just out of reach in his unique musical constructions, a place where traditions meets the future head on, and the results morph into this tangled beautiful and quite diverse beast.

Daear is released on the ever reliable German label Denovali. This is what they have to say about it:

“LTO’s ambition to create ever more ambiguous and far-reaching sonic environments, whilst retaining something of the familiar and physical, have led him to take inspiration from imagined landscapes of the folklore of his Welsh ancestry and of the planet Mars. Both images of enchanted forests battling enraged giants from the underworld and unimaginably hostile planetary events guide this work of great magnitude.”

Daear is released via Denovali on April 30th 2021. You can find it here.


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