Watch the woozy weirdness of Patrick Belaga’s new single


Patrick Belaga is an LA based cellist and composer. Recently he composed the score for the Netflix documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two as well as the documentary Wig on HBO. He’s also known for his work with artists Wu Tsang, boychild, Josh Johnson and Asma Maroof. His latest album is Blutt and is released via Pan. ‘The Tunnel is a Tower’ is the first single from it, a woozy piece of sequenced melancholy.

This is what his label has to say about it:

“Conceived at the heel of Italy’s boot-shaped peninsula in Apulia, Patrick Belaga’s Blutt makes music for the unruly imagination. The title is an old German word for ‘naked’, ‘bare’, but it can also mean ‘blood’ when spelt blut. Take away another letter and it makes ‘butt’. None of these definitions and adaptations were what prompted the classically-trained composer and cellist to name his second album with a word simulating the sound of a punctured artery. That came later.”

Blutt is released on April 2 on PAN. You can find it here.


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