Stream the deep enveloping electronics of Del Lumanta’s forthcoming Sunken Places EP


Del Lumanta is a Sydney based artist and musician working across performance, sound design and composition for performance art and dance. Their current work explores the potentiality of the communal in a time of modern anxiety. You can check out a Cyclic Selects they did for us a couple of years back here. Their new album is Sunken Places, a unique and fascinating response to the changes COVID-19 wrought upon us.

This is what Del has to say about it:

“First performed in early 2021, this series ruminates on the sudden disintegration of communal pattern. The ruptures I felt through the pandemic tested the limits of the personal and social. Sunken Places situates itself in this brief intensity.”

Sunken Places is released via a Guide To Saints/ Room40 on April 2nd 2021. You can find it here.


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