Listen to the Andras remix of Gordon Koang’s South Sudan


‘South Sudan’ comes from Gordon Koang’s Unity album released on Music in Exile last year.

This is what the label has to say about Gordon:

“Stranded overseas after civil war tore apart their country over six years ago, Gordon and his cousin Paul Biel Kueth, who were on tour performing to expatriate communities in Australia, were forced to apply for humanitarian protection and made the heartbreaking decision to leave their families stranded at home, on the chance that citizenship would be granted and reunification made possible.”

Gordon Koang, who has since been granted asylum in Australia hails from South Sudan. Accompanied by his cousin Paul Biel, Gordon performs a blend of traditional Neur rhythms and original compositions in English, Arabic, and his native language, Neur.

This remix from Melbourne producer Andras was a gift to Gordon and his family, with no fees paid or royalties due – all proceeds go directly to help Gordon as he resettles in Australia with his family.

You can find it here.


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