Listen to Eugene Carchesio’s ant sci-fi music from two forthcoming albums on Room40


Eugene Carchesio is a Brisbane-based artist who works in collage, drawing, watercolour and sound.

Andrew Tuttle interviewed him for us in 2009. You can read that here.

We also reviewed his glorious duo Leaves with Leighton Craig here.

This album No Place I, released via Room40 is pretty odd, a series of short minimal synth oscillations. If you don’t understand you needn’t worry. It’s not for you. This is what he says about it:

“No place.
Perhaps Ant sci-fi.
Sounds bypassing humans and strictly for insects to understand.
A microbe world intrusion. An interpretation of a nature that is now changing by the minute.

Echoes of impermanence and emptiness.

it is


it is…”

And if that’s not enough there’s also a 2nd Volume, No Place II. So gather your insects and prepare yourself.

We’ll give you a listen to that too:

No Place I is released via Room40 Feb 5 2021, you can find it here. No Place II is released March 5 2021, you can find it here.


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