Listen to voiceROM’s new track with Cuban trumpeter Lazaro Numa


Nexus Arts commissioned voiceROM for this project during Adelaide’s first COVID-19 lockdown. The 11 track album is made of samples of artists who have either performed at Nexus Arts in recent years or were planning to. Thus the album consists of samples from Sophie Koh, Lonelyspeck, Gelareh Pour’s Garden, Zhao Liang, Aviva Endean, Origami, Eishan Ensemble, The Letter String Quartet, The Three Seas, and Lazaro Numa.

Lazaro Numa, who’s work you can hear above is a Cuban trumpeter, composer and educator who is currently based in Adelaide. He has played with some of Cuba’s finest musicians including Omara Portuondo and Barbarito Torres from the Buena Vista Social Club. voiceROM meanwhile is made up of Jarrad Payne (Wizard Tone Studios, 1.1 Immermann, Satan’s Cheerleaders) and Dylan Marshall (The Shaolin Afronauts, Didier Kumalo) who combine live drums and real time samples. They’ve recorded a lazy 27 albums including Irritating Music For Irritating People, Sad Music For Losers, and Boring Music For Boring Animals.

Nexus Album is out now. You can find it here.


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