Listen to two special mixes of Bim Sherman’s incredible music


To commemorate the 20th anniversary of his passing (17/11/2000), Steve Barker’s On The Wire radio show commissioned two mixes: Bim Classic JA Mix by Selector Ramses, and Bim Riddims Through The Years Mix by jrbinks. Both mixes run through classics, deep cuts, alternate uses of rhythms, and more, highlighting what an extraordinarily gifted and distinctive artist he was.

Born in Westmoreland, Jamaica on 2nd February 1950, Bim Sherman possessed possibly the sweetest voice in reggae. His work on various On U Sound/ Adrian Sherwood recordings like Singers and Players, Dub Syndicate, New Age Steppers, Gary Clail, Akabu, Tackhead, Japan’s Audio Active, the Sabres Of Paradise, Groove Corporation, Bomb The Bass and even Sinead O’Connor demonstrated his creativity and versatility. Though he also released his own solo releases, mainly through his UK imprint Century.


You can find more info on Steve’s excellent show here.

Dub Syndicate – Ravi Shankar Pt 1 – Leghorn

Bim Sherman Classic JA mix by Selector Ramses:
Bim Sherman – Blacker Sound- Scorpio
Bim Sherman feat Big Joe – Natty Cale – Scorpio
Bim Sherman – Mighty Ruler – Jah Man
The Revolutionaries – Jah Man Dub Style – Jah Man
Bim Sherman – Slummy Ghetto – On-U Sound
Bim Sherman – 10000 Ethiopians (World Go Round) – Scorpio
Bim Sherman & Jah Lion – Down in Jamdown – Hitrun
Teem Allstars – Down in Jamdown (version) – Hitrun
Bim Sherman – What Sweet You So – Scorpio
Bim Sherman & U Black – Pot A Bubble – Scorpio
Bim Sherman – Station Dub + Keep On Trying – Kismet
Bim Sherman – Why Won’t You Come On – Scorpio
Bim Sherman – Why Won’t You Come On / Version – Scorpio
Bim Sherman & Yabby Youth – Happiness – Jah Shaka
Bim Sherman ft. Jah Woosh – Love in the Ghetto – Pressure Sounds
Bim Sherman ft. Jah Woosh – Peace in the Ghetto – Original Music
Bim Sherman – Some Day – September
Bim Sherman ft. Jah Buzz – Love Jah Only – Hitrun

Interlude – J-Wave:
Bim Sherman – Just Can’t Let You Go – On-U Sound/Spin
Strange Parcels featuring Bim Sherman – Man Next Door (alternative mix) – On-U Sound

Bim Sherman Riddims Through The Years Mix by Jethro R Binks:
Bim Sherman – Lightning & Thunder – Attack
Bim Sherman – Party Time – On-U Sound
Mungo’s Hi-Fi featuring Bim Sherman – Lightning and Thunder / Dub – Scotch Bonnet
Bim Sherman – Dispensation/Ital West – Scorpio
Singers & Players feat Bim Sherman – World Of Dispensation – On-U Sound
Bim Sherman – Revolution – On-U Sound
Bim Sherman – World of Revolution / Dub – Axumite
Bim Sherman – Golden Stool – Scorpio
Bim Sherman – Golden Tribesman – Tribes Man
New Age Steppers – Got To Get Away – On-U Sound
Creation Rebel – Final Frontier – On-U Sound/Cherry Red
Bim Sherman – It Must Be a Dream – Yard International
Bim Sherman / Horace Andy / U Black – Dreaming Dub – Yard International
Dub Syndicate – Must Be Dreaming – On-U Sound
Sound Iration feat. Bim Sherman – Dream – WAU! Mr. Modo
Bim Sherman – Must Be Dreaming – Mantra
Bim Sherman – Must Be Dreaming (Mr Scruff mix) – Mantra
Bim Sherman – My Whole World – Tribes Man
Bim Sherman – Weak Heart Men – Scorpio
New Age Steppers – My Whole World – On-U Sound/Statik
Bim Sherman – Can I Be Free – Mantra
Bim Sherman – Can I Be Free (Underwolves mix) (edit) – Mantra
Bim Sherman / Horace Andy / U Black – Some Day – Yard International
Bim Sherman – Some Day – September
New Age Steppers – Send For Me (Peel Session)
Singers & Players – A Matter of Time – On-U Sound
Dub Syndicate – Substyle – On-U Sound
Bim Sherman – Love Forever – Red Sea
Bim Sherman – It Is Raining – Scorpio
New Age Steppers – Love Forever – On-U Sound
New Age Steppers feat Jah Woosh – Singing Love – On-U Sound
Bim Sherman – Love Forever / Dub (discomix style) – Axumite


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