Listen to the gorgeous synthetic retro futurist world of Nonlocal Forecast


‘Space-Time = Infinity-Eternity Objectified’ is a truly strange and bizarre brew of new age, 80’s synth, prog, and jazz fusion that is strangely reassuring and winds up sounding like the theme song to Blade Runner if it was turned into a television sitcom in 1986.

It’s the work of Chicago native Angel Marcloid, and it’s from her second album in her Nonlocal Forecast guise. Her music, which merges the excesses of jazz fusion with electronics has been described as if “Weather Report composed their outtakes on Windows 95.” Yes it’s that good.

This is what her label Hausu Mountain has to say about it:

“Marcloid populates Nonlocal Forecast pieces with progressive keyboard and synth harmonies, complex drum programming, and majestic leads performed on guitar, keyboards, and guests’ saxophones. The project runs alongside the omni-combinatory works of the flagship project Fire-Toolz and many other monikers including the vapor-focused works of Mindspring Memories.”

Nonlocal Forecast ‘s Holographic Universe​(​s​?​)​! is out now on Hausu Mountain. You can find it here.


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