Listen to ‘Praxis IV’ from the new Room40 album from Mike Cooper and Chris Abrahams


An unexpected release this late in the year, comes from a similarly unexpected duo. UK guitarist Mike Cooper is a regular visitor to Australia, and apparently when here he often catches up pianist Chris Abrahams (The Necks). Cooper talks of this recording being made at Bohemian Grove in Hibernian House – an artists communal loft studio in Sydney, when he took no guitar and just a suitcase of electronics. For this session he borrowed Chris Abrahams electric guitar, whilst Abrahams is playing the Waldorf Q+ keyboard.

This is what Cooper has to say about it:

“It was an interesting exercise for me playing different instruments as each one proved a different challenge. I also had an iPhone with one of my favourite apps loaded; a virtual steel guitar app with a choice of six, eight and two ten string instruments, all tuneable, that I have grown to love.”

Praxis is released on Room40 on the 4th of December 2020. You can find it here.


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