Listen to Ollie Olsen’s banging new project


Ollie Olsen has been making music since the mid 70’s in a mind boggling array of genres, from punk to post punk, from electronic to rock, from techno to trance, from electroacoustic to experimental, as well as bizarre hybrids of the above. He’s played in bands like The Reals and The Young Charlatans (with guitarist Rowland S. Howard), as well as Whirlywirld, Hugo Klang, NO and Max Q with Michael Hutchence of Inxs fame.From experimental compositions to film and television soundtracks, to pop and dance music, to installation projects to DJ sets, to lecturing on electronic music, musically there’s not much Olsen hasn’t done. His last project was Taipan Tiger Girls, a noisy instrumental collaboration with experimental drummer and synth obsessive Mat Watson (Other Places), and feedback guitar droner Lisa MacKinney (Mystic Eyes). After this he reportedly stopped making music for a while, so its great to see him back with a new admittedly banging new solo project. Machine is noisy unrestrained choatic and dirty techno. We love it.

You can check out our Cyclic Selects with Ollie here, and here is a recent interview we did with him about the re release of Whirlywind, where he touches on some of his more recent music.

This is what the label, also called Machine has to say about it:
“Enter then this most fabled and celebrated pioneer of the form. Isn’t it fitting to know that as we entered the strangest, most deliberate and yet arbitrary period of annexation and self-isolation that Ollie Olsen re-entered his own ground zero. The dark, rich and fertile void of the studio out of which a new creature was ready to be born…”

You can find Machine here.


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