Listen to an epic drone piece by Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver


Melbourne artists Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver combine instruments and objects in these evocative long form pieces of experimental sound. It’s the kind of subtle hypnotic drone that evolves without you even realising. Clinton Green is using bowed metal bowls whilst Barnaby Oliver contributes violin and piano. It comes from a 2018 recording though the title feels pretty current and quite apt: The Interstices Of These Epidemics.

This is what Clinton Green has to say about it:

“In April 2017, Barnaby Oliver and I started recording with the aim of improvising long-form pieces made up of a restricted palette of gestures and sound sources. Throughout the next two years we came together sporadically as we continued this quest, working through various ideas and changing instrumentation. Our work was gradually refined done to what you hear on this album: a combination of harmonics arising from bowed metal bowls and violin (or piano), coalescing into other-worldly music that at first appears static, yet constantly shifts and re-grounds itself.”

You can find The Interstices Of These Epidemics here.


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