Watch a Chris Abrahams iso concert and check out his two new releases on Room40


Chris Abrahams, best known as pianist from the Necks has worked concurantly in experimental music, releasing numerous solo recordings (currently four have been released on Room40 alone) often utilising synsthesizer and electro acoustic elements. You can read our reviews of 2016’s Fluid to the Influence here, 2010’s Play Scar here, as well as his recent synth duo album with Clayton Thomas Truncador here.

So the announcement of a new album, makes you wonder what kind of beautiful weirdness he has in store for us now. Well, it’s pretty much like the above iso concert, solo piano, and it’s definitely beautiful. Appearance was created at the behest of Room40 honcho Lawrence English. This is what he has to say about it:

“Appearance typifies a very particular approach to piano that Chris has cultivated across three decades. He creates a pairing of rippling cascades of tonality with a macro-minimalist compositional form that invites a sense of perpetual release. Notes cycle and gently coalesce to create weaving melodic patterns that accumulate into a slow unfolding of form, across time.”

As if that isn’t enough his debut electro acoustic recording of Dx-7, piano and a positive organ on Room40 Thrown is 15 years old. To celebrate Room40 is reissuing it. On first listen English was pretty captivated with it:

“I was equal parts terrified and awestruck. The sensation of sitting there, in low light after midnight, listening with Chris and our mutual friend Clayton after an evening out at a NowNow event, is something I can recall vividly. Thrown is a record that, from the very outset, has roused me in a very direct, particular and profound, sense of affect.”

So if you missed it first time around its defintely worth catching up with it during what seems like Chris Abrahams month at Room40.

Thrown is reissued November 13, 2020 on Room40. You can find it here.
Appearance is out November 20, 2020 on Room40. You can find it here.


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