Watch a captivating clip for ‘Outside’ from a time when we couldn’t go there, by Mick Meagher and Sam Price


Outside is an iso recording from Mick Meagher (The Putbacks, 5below, WOLFA) and Sam Price (Peon, Pattern Recognition Machines).This is what happens when improvisors can play together – which if these sounds are an indication perhaps it isn’t necessarily a bad thing after all. They refer to their duo as making “some music together, alone.”

You can read a recent interview with Sam as part of Pattern Recognition Machines here.

This is what they have to say about it:
” [It] features sounds made with bass, drums and, on the track featured here, a vocal performance from Mick. This album is a true ‘iso’ recording, all sounds being recorded during Stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne, Australia throughout July and August 2020; Mick from his home in the Northern Suburbs, Sam from his in the West. All selections freely improvised. The record was the first mixed entirely in the analog domain by Sam in a very long time.”

You can find Outside here.


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