Listen to ‘The Wave Organ’ from Simon Scott off a new fire relief field recording project from Room40


Room40 honcho Lawrence English dropped us a line a couple of days ago to tell us about a surprise new release on his label. He told us that LA sound artist and avid field recorder Ian Wellman reached out to see if he was interested in releasing a fire relief project to assist the communities and ecosystems decimated by wild fires on the North American west coast. It’s safe to day English was happy to assist.

This is what Ian has to say about the project:

“For this project, I had asked artists to send archival recordings of spaces affected by the recent fires on the West Coast. As our loved forests begin to heal and neighborhoods rebuild, these recordings give us a positive place to visit and remind ourselves of how they once sounded.

Given the entire west coast of the United States was affected very hard this year by the wildfires, it felt best to find artists who live in or have spent meaningful time in these spaces. For me, it was best to bring together artists with a large range of backgrounds, from experimental music groups, composers, sound artists (some of whom are massive pillars of support for their communities), and sound designers for film and audio.”

The funds from this compilation will go towards Latino Community Fund’s Norcal Wildfire Relief Fund, Direct Relief’s Wildfire funds, and GoFundMe’s Wildfire Relief Fund.

You can find Particle Count here.


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