James Peden (Infinity Sessions: The Australian Electronic Music show) “The possibilities are endless.”


James Peden is a Melbourne based solo electro synth pop artist who has just started a Youtube based Australian artist only Electronic Music Show called Infinity Sessions. James is seeking submissions from artists for the show. With one show having gone to air so far, featuring the likes of Leipzig Lab, Roles, Human Confusion, Watermelon Boy and Green Baker amongst others, and another episode due to drop later this month, we took the opportunity to reach out and ask James about the show.

Cyclic Defrost: What is Infinity sessions? What was the motivation behind it? 

James Peden: It started in 2019 as a one night event to showcase Melbourne Electronic artists. The event was designed to network and support electronic artists. The show is with the same idea of giving Australian Electronic Artists a platform to network and get more exposure. The name came from the Toy Story saying “To Infinity and Beyond”. Meaning the possibilities are endless. The show idea is to be like other Music Video Shows like Rage or Video Hits but only showcasing Australian Electronic artists. Each episode will have one artist interview and a shout out video from each artist. Prizes will be given away to encourage watchers to like, share and comment.

Cyclic Defrost: Are you working with a team or alone? 

James Peden: I am currently working alone, but I get the artists that are involved to help share and get the message across about the show. I had Simon Quinn (The Safety Word) give me some ideas for the first episode.

Cyclic Defrost: What is your ultimate vision for the show? 

James Peden: At the moment it’s in the trial stages and seeing if it’s something people will enjoy and get behind. The more interest and support the more episodes will be created.

Cyclic Defrost: Where can people tune in? 

James Peden: The show will be posted on Youtube at the James Peden Music channel.

Cyclic Defrost: How often will the show be running? 

James Peden: At the moment two episodes are planned and the third episode is seeking artists. The idea is to see how these three episodes go and a fourth will be made if there is enough interest.

Cyclic Defrost: Do you need any assistance? 

James Peden: Getting artists for the show. Maybe another presenter?

Cyclic Defrost: When is the next episode due out? 

James Peden: Friday October 30th. You can follow the event page via facebook to tune in on the day, the link will be posted there.


Cyclic Defrost: What should artists do if they want to be featured on the show? 

Please contact James with your Music Video  and profiles, he’d love to hear from you.  jpsoundsmusic@gmail.com
You can find Infinity Sessions on Facebook here.
You can visit James website here.


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