Watch a video for Melbourne artist Dan Flynn’s timely ‘On My Watch’


Dan Flynn is a Melbourne-based songwriter and producer who has been recording and releasing music under various guises such as Sleeping Pilot and Major Chord as well as under his own name since 2003. You can read our review of 2017’s Ghost Melodies here. He also released a couple of albums as one half of Children of the Wave. Along the way he even found time to interview Oliver and Paddy Manne for us at Cyclic. You can read the interview here.

‘On My Watch’ comes from his forthcoming tenth album Welcome to the Making of the World with producer Greg J Walker (Paul Kelly. CW Stoneking). This is what he has to say about it:

“On My Watch is about how fucked this world is and trying to take some responsibility. It’s a marching song, change the system. The funny thing is the lyrics work from any political perspective, from feminist to Nazi!”

He does however want to make it clear that he’s not writing Nazi anthems, yet it does raise an interesting point (albeit in unadulterated pop form) about how different a statement can be interpreted depending on what tribe you belong to. Welcome to 2020, where even the sweetest music can be both intuitive and bruised.

Welcome to the Making of the World is released on October 9th 2020. You can find it here.


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