Listen to an excerpt of Entomologists from David Toop, Scanner, and Lawrence English


It seems that Brisbane artist Lawrence English has used the global pandemic as an opportunity to dig through his archives which is pretty great, particularly when he unearths nuggets like this strange and beautiful electro acoustic piece from 2003. You can check out our recent interview with UK artist David Toop here, and Scanner’s 2016 collaboration with multinational collective 48 Cameras here.

This is what English has to say about the recording:
“In 2002, I had the pleasure to invite David Toop and Scanner (Robin Rimbaud) to Australia, to take part in the REV festival at the Brisbane Powerhouse. During that visit we recorded a piece called A Picturesque View, Ignored alongside my friends Heinz Riegler and Tam Patton (we performed at that time as I/O3).

Early the following year, I set out for what was my first series of international performances. In December 2002 I performed at Tokyo’s Offsite Gallery, and a week later I found myself in the UK where I reconnected with both David and Robin. Apart from some wonderful discussions and meals shared over those crisp winter days, we also joined for a performance as part of the Sprawl series, an electronic music event programmed by Douglas Benford.

I am positive each of us maintain very different memories of that evening. Mine are no doubt somewhat coloured by my bewilderment of performing in London with two folks I held in the highest regard. In that moment it felt like something utterly unthinkable.

Having had cause to revisit the recording earlier this year, I was teleported back to this period with a sense of force. Sharing the work with David and Robin, I think we were all struck by the recordings character and the exchange. It captures a each of us at a very particular moment in our creative lives. A simple encounter that has held its relevance over the decades.”

Entomologists is released on the 2nd of October on Room40. You can find it here.


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