Watch Radwan Ghazi Moumneh’s ‘Qalouli (They Told Me)’ and download The Sacred Rage to support work on the ground in Beirut


From the Morphine records bandcamp site:

“On August 4th, at 6pm Beirut time, a series of explosions in the 12th Warehouse of the Port of Beirut climaxed into a devastating destructive wave that killed more than 220 people and injured thousands. The damage in the area surrounding the explosion is of catastrophic levels, while the whole city of Beirut reported severe damages to structures and buildings. The initial investigations were reporting a criminal level of negligence and corruption, in a country already economically and socially devastated by its political establishment’s looting of the state funds since decades, continued with lack of search for survivors, the looting or refusal of the international first aid and the shameless request of direct funds to the establishment. People are in anger in front of the carelessness, corruption, of the regime who made the country collapse, people who now need food, shelters, medicines.”

Morphine records have now released ‘The Sacred Rage’ ,a collection of unreleased tracks by the likes of The Bug, Monolake, Rabih Beaini, Donato Dozzy, Thomas Brinkman, Radwan Ghazi Moumneh and numerous others, with all proceeds going towards ground work in Beirut.

Morphine Records calls it “a personal and collective gesture of resistance,” that was “compiled in a confused and angry state of mind but made with love and loads of energy.”

It’s a pretty incredible collection of music, which should be worth the price of admission alone, but for such a tragedy to occur in the midst of a pandemic in a country beset by significant levels of corruption there is no guarantee that the people directly affected by this blast will be able to rebuild their lives. Proceeds from this collection will go to providing food, medicine, structural supplies like doors and windows, and repairing shelters that has been seriously damaged by the explosion

You can find out more and purchase the album here.


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